Roof Lifted Off Historic Bastion For Restoration Work

Engineering specialists removed the roof of Nanaimo's iconic heritage building today as part of the ongoing $300,000 restoration project.

Experts from Macdonald and Lawrence Timber Framing managed to keep more than 80% of the original wood intact, which is far greater than orginally expected, according to the manager of the Nanaimo Museum. Debbie Trueman said ongoing fundraising efforts have contributed about $145,000 to help pay for the restoration. Most of that money came from two major donations. The first was from the Hudson's Bay Company, which offered up $80,000 and the second was from Nanaimo's self-made millionaire and philanthropist Sidney Sharman, who donated $50,000. The city's parks maintenance and construction manager said this restoration should last longer than previous repairs and will prepare the building so it will be easier to restore in future. "I don't want to be doing this agan in 15 to 20 years," said Ian Blackwood. "We're really trying to maintain the historical component, and we're doing our best there, but we're also trying to make this thing structurally sound so that it will last that much longer."

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