Lead by Example

We build structures that last for centuries, and we create relationships that last a lifetime.


Encompassing our responsibility to take an active role in our local, professional and international communities; we strive for the safety, happiness and well-being of the people who make up these communities.


Just as a structure requires integrity to make it whole and effective, our business is dependant upon the honesty and strong moral principles of our people.


Our business exists for the purpose of increasing the health, wealth and well being of all our stakeholders.


Our definition of professionalism is:

  • client appropriate service
  • high standards of quality and client care
  • timely delivery
  • best business practices
  • clear communication


Encompassing our:

  • responsibilities as stewards of both the natural and built environments
  • ethical business practices
  • long-term and strategic planning
  • respect for the source of all timber buildings - the forest