From equatorial jungles to uninhabited islands, and from tree-tops to mountain tops, our people have delivered successful projects on five continents.

Whether it is a time-critical project for television, or a budget-driven challenge for a non-profit organization, we thrive on tough logistical challenges.

Many people assume that these sorts of projects have unlimited budgets and flexible timelines, but nothing could be further from the truth. We pride ourselves on delivering our work on time and on budget. There’s really no mystery to how we achieve this: hard work and collaboration.

M&L specializes in working collaboratively with architects, engineers and other professional clients in order to deliver projects within agreed timetables and budgets. No single person or firm can provide all of the answers all of the time: we understand that our best work is achieved through the cooperation and support of a larger team.

Our most successful projects are collaborations where M&L is invited to participate alongside other professionals at the very earliest stages of a design or specification process.

Commercial Building

Simple Solutions

At M&L we can offer simple solutions for complex problems without sacrificing integrity.

It is during these early design charrettes that our staff can use the experience they have gained from previous projects to bring cost-effective solutions to the design team for consideration.

By consulting with our Project Managers, Team Leaders and Master Carpenters early on, we frequently find that we can offer simple and proven solutions that might otherwise have been missed. This is what ‘value-engineering’ is supposed to look like; respecting the overall vision of a project and informing it with common-sense solutions that will make it more cost-effective to deliver.

Conservation International Project in Suriname


The close relationship that we enjoy with our structural engineers gives us the ability to inform our designs with good engineering principles from the onset.

M&L offers engineered drawings, details and specifications for our timber buildings. We work very closely with our partners at Cascade Engineering Group, a boutique engineering firm that specializes in wooden structures and timber connections.

In particular we have worked with Robin Zirnhelt P. Eng, and Reid Costley P. Eng, for many years, and know them both to be capable and innovative problem solvers.


cadwork allows M&L to quickly blend our structural designs with other structural and architectural drawings to ensure that all aspects of the building fit together seamlessly.

M&L operates cadwork modeling software, developed specifically for the design of timber structures; this software is integrated with CNC processes and compatible with all major CAD software.

We can output drawings in a wide variety of formats and file types. By designing in 3D space, we overcome the challenges associated with connection-detailing for complex geometric shapes and structures that have a high number of individual components.

3D models allow us to reduce our contingencies and optimize our material use which ultimately means less waste for us and less cost for our clients.