Heritage on the rise with Ladner barn

Lifetime Delta farmer Jim Harris has been planting peas, beans and potatoes for more than 50 years, but the 73-year-old is excited to go to his first-ever barn-raising this Sunday (Aug. 19).

"I've seen lots of pictures in the old days and how they did it," he says. "And that's why I want to be involved." Jim is planning on being on the pike pole team which will help raise sections of the 112-year-old Harris barn. If you're wondering if Jim's surname and the barn are a coincidence, they're not. The barn was originally built in 1900 by Gilchrist Land & Roberts on Tilbury Island's Hopcott Farm with the help of Norm Harris, Jim's uncle. It was moved in 1940 by Norm Harris and Fred Land to 5561-64th St. in Delta, where it sat until just recently when the Corporation of Delta purchased the historically significant building, had it disassembled timber by timber and moved to a spot near Kirkland House at Hawthorne Grove Park in Ladner where it will live a new life as a public building.

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