Ground Breaking Event: The Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre

COWICHAN BAY BC - The Cowichan Wooden Boat Society is pleased to announce the “Ground Breaking” ceremony for our new building will take place on Wednesday February 23 at 1:00PM. The public is invited to join us for coffee and goodies.

The Cowichan Wooden Boat Society received a grant of $210,000 through the West Coast Community Adjustment Program (WestCCAP) to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the tourism industry in Cowichan Bay. In addition many local businesses have stepped up to support this cause as well.

With this investment, the Cowichan Wooden Boat Society will upgrade the region’s only Maritime Museum. The building will meet British Columbia’s Provincial Wood-First Act, which aims to increase demand for wood products by using wood as the primary construction material. This revitalization will allow the Cowichan Bay Maritime Museum to offer expanded services, including tours and hands-on activities, such as boat building and women’s woodworking workshops.

Macdonald & Lawrence Timer Framing Ltd., a local carpentry and restoration company with a global reputation, has won the bid to build the new Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre. The Cowichan Wooden Boat Society is fundraising for two phases of the project -- the new centre and workshop areas, and roof repairs to the existing pods and piers that extends 82 metres into Cowichan Bay. The total project cost is $510,000 and is expected to be complete in 2012. A former oil facility, the Maritime Centre was originally built in 1988.

The facility with enhanced quality and climate control will preserve delicate items in a larger display area. The increased display area will focus on maritime history in the Cowichan Valley, thereby benefitting tourism in the region, and allowing the museum to share its history.

The Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre is located in the heart of Cowichan Bay at 1761 Cowichan Bay Road. Established in 1986, the Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre is a not-for-profit society whose mandate is: preserving the history & heritage of BC's maritime past, to increase awareness and appreciation of this heritage, to offer boat building programs and restoration projects, to conduct community activities that celebrate our maritime history.

Suzan Lagrove
Executive Director
Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre

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