Atlas mine completes $300k tipple renovations

The ingenuity and brilliant design put into the Atlas Coal Mine was all relived as restoration work on the tipple structure at the historic site  finally wrapped up this week.

Metal scaffolding, which supported one of the best preserved mining structures in the world for the last decade has finally been replaced by   historic restoration contractors Macdonald-Lawrence Timber Framers. 

“It’s like after breaking a foot and being able to walk without crutches again,” said Jay Russell of the Atlas about the $300,000 project – paid for through the federal government’s Economic Stimulus Fund Cost-share Program and Alberta Historic Resources Foundation.

“The government seems to get that historic construction is sometimes better than new construction, as it is more labour intensive, and less materials intensive,” says Atlas Executive Director Linda Digby. 

Digby says the Atlas could not have found a safer bet for construction than the historical restoration buffs at Macdonald-Lawrence . 

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